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Saturday, June 9th, 2012 is the 5th annual Get Outdoors Day! Get Outdoors Day (GO Day) is a special day to encourage healthy, active outdoor fun at sites across the nation.

On this day, you can enjoy free admission to more than 100 national parks that usually charge entrance fees. Some of our favorite local DC area picks are Great Falls Park, Manassas National Battlefield and Harpers Ferry.

And while you’re spending time outdoors in your own yard, if you notice the mosquitoes are bitting and hindering your ability to truly enjoy your own outdoor living space, be sure to contact Mosquito Squad! Our mosquito control company is here to help you fully enjoy your patio, deck and yard without being bitten alive. So go ahead: get outside and enjoy the great outdoors!


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This is more of a personal post than what we typically write here on the Mosquito Squad Blog, and it’s not about mosquitoes, but rather about a request from someone I feel like I know so well, although we have never met and have only corresponded via email twice.  You may wonder how this could be, but it’s very simple, this friend’s name is Mike “Mish” Shedlock and he is a well-known economics blogger at Mish’s Global Economics Trends and Analysis.

I feel as though I know him so well because I have read almost every single blog post he has written over the past 7 years.  Through his freely-given advice, his sound commentary on the financial markets and current economic events, I have been able to succeed through what appeared to most as unknowable financial disasters.  He has made so many good calls that most trained economists missed time and again that whomever has acted on his advice has come out ahead through the house market bust and great recession.  All of this he has given to his blog readers (over 45,000 readers daily) for free because of his passion for truth and his dedication to serving his readers.

On April 2, 2012 I was extremely saddened to read that Mish’s wife was suffering from ALS.  In this post Mish revealed to all his readers a personal side of his life: his wife’s strugle with ALS. She just passed away a few days ago and I can only imagine the pain of his loss. In Mish’s post, he asked something of his readers; this is the only time I have ever seen him request something from his readers. He asked us to help support the Les Turner Foundation by purchasing a raffle ticket to help fund ALS research. So I purchased a ticket for the raffle that day, but I was extremely disappointed to see there was a lack of corporate sponsorship and raffle purchases to help reach the 1 million dollar goal. The only two corporate sponsors so far were Stika Pacific and Gold Money, both of which gave $10,000 each. The fact that Mish has never asked for personal compensation, has always disclosed his interests, and given credit to all his sources, had not gone unnoticed by me. I went into business based largely on the influence of Mish, so I wanted my company, Mosquito Squad of Greater Washington DC, to contribute to the Les Turner Foundation as a thank you to Mish for his dedication and to the memory of his wife Joanne.

Today we gave a small sum of $2,000 and I hope to encourage you to contribute to this cause as your heart sees fit. In my business and financial decisions, Mike “Mish” Shedlock has had a huge influence on the wellbeing of my family’s life. I want to say thank you to Mish and all he has done and want to do what I can to help support a cause that is dear to him.

Thank you Mish!

Please visit the Les Turner Foundation’s website to participate in the raffle Mish writes:

“I am sponsoring a raffle for the benefit of ALS research. 50% of the proceeds of the raffle will go to the Les Turner Foundation, with the money specifically earmarked for ALS research.

The other 50% will go to raffle winners.

My goal is to sell 30,000 tickets at $200 each. If we can sell that number of tickets, $3 million will go to ALS research and $3 million to raffle winners in the following breakdown (assuming all the tickets are sold, otherwise on a similar percentage basis).

1st Prize $1 Million
2nd Prize $600,000
3rd Prize $300,000
4th Prize $300,000
5th Prize $300,000
6th Prize $100,000
7th Prize $100,000
8th Prize $100,000
9th Prize $100,000
10th Prize $100,000

If all tickets are sold, 1 in 3,000 will win a minimum of $100,000, and the lottery winner will receive $1.0 million.

 You cannot beat these odds in any lottery anywhere.”

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I am happy to announce that the new DC Mosquito Squad website is finally up and running.  It will have many new features that will  taylor it to our local market here in the DC area.  The new url is www.dcmosquitosquad.com some new features included in the new website are the incorporation of youtube videos, links to local review sites and a streamlined renewal process with our new shopping cart.  The site has been a work in progress since August of last year and we are finally getting to the point where it will be ready for the 2012 season.  So if you have not already done so, check out the new site, let me know what you think and if you see any room for improvement let me know, obviously our mosquito control content will be continuously updated but my hope is to keep making it better and more relevent for our customers and the public in general.

I have not posted about this for a while but in case you’re wondering what areas the DC Mosquito Squad franchise services here they are:  In Maryland we service, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Silver Spring, Cabin John and Potomac, we are basically inside the beltway and on the southwest side of the 270.  Dont worry if you’re not inside that territory because we have franchises all over Maryland.  In Virginia we service Alexandria, Arlington, North Springfield, Annandale and Mclain or to put it another way we service inside the beltway (495).  In DC we service the whole city.

So if you live inside our territory give us a call and check out the new website if you don’t, you can still check out the new website and we will be happy to put you in touch with the proper franchise that serves your city.

While I’m in the business of announcements, I would like to officially announce that we moved last year to our new location in Sterling Virgina from our old location in Fairfax.  So if you need to mail anything the new address for the business is 201 Davis Dr. Suite DD Sterling Va 20164.

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MIST Conference

As I was reading PCTonline.com, I noticed that two legends of Mosquito Squad will be speakers at the upcoming MIST conference, Russ Jundt and Tom Olson owner of Mosquito Squad of Minnesota.  Two great guys so for anyone interested in attending I have listed all the information below curtusy of PCTonline.com.

M.I.S.T. Conference Offers a Roadmap to PCO Profits

Industry Events Houston and Atlanta to play host to third annual Misting Insecticides Solutions & Technology seminars.

             |             January 9, 2012 |

PCOs eager to break into the mosquito control market or to expand their footprint in this rapidly expanding field should mark their calendar for the 3rd Annual MGK M.I.S.T. Conference, scheduled for Feb. 7 in Houston, Texas, and Feb. 21 in Atlanta, Ga.

Sponsored by MGK, a leading supplier of insect control solutions, the M.I.S.T. Conference – Misting Insecticides Solutions & Technology – boasts an extensive array of educational sessions, as well as a product showcase featuring vendors serving the mosquito market, providing attendees with an opportunity to learn about the latest technology advancements.  “The M.I.S.T. Conference is designed to be the industry’s one-stop location for all the latest news and technology advancements in the mosquito market,” says MGK Misting Market Manager Monika Morris. “It’s a way for PMPs to learn about state-of-the-art treatment techniques as well as the science of mosquito control, while sharing real-world experiences from the field with one another.”
The one-day conference, which MGK launched in 2010, has continued to grow in attendance and scope providing businesses critical sales and marketing tools they need to establish and grow their business. The conference is geared towards distributors, equipment manufacturers, misting company owners, pest control operators and key players involved in the market. Breakout sessions and speakers include: •    The Art of Selling: Closing the Deal — Russ Jundt and Tom Olson, Mosquito Squad of Minnesota. From traditional barrier spray programs and automatic misting systems to special event services, Mosquito Squad of Minnesota has a proven track record of success. Jundt and Olson will share some of the secrets to their success. •    Equipment Overview and Installation Tips – Steve Elkins and Tom Burgess, Coastal Mosquito Control. Learn the “tricks of the trade” for properly placing, installing and maintaining mosquito misting equipment from Steve Elkins and Tom Burgess, Sales Managers for Coastal Mosquito Control. •    NPDES Permit Update – Charles Maguire, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Water Quality Division. Maguire will update attendees on the finer points of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) to ensure that applicators are in compliance with this important provision of the Clean Water Act •    Mosquito Education – Mike Mclean, Metropolitan Mosquito Control District. Learn about the breeding and feeding habits of mosquitoes, disease transmission and site eradication. •    Social Media for Small Business – Pat Furey, Consumer Sphere. Furey, a respected technology executive who has worked with such well-known brands as General Mills, Procter & Gamble, Yum and White Castle, shares his strategies for helping your pest control business effectively engage customers via the rapidly changing world of social media

The cost of the one-day seminar is $30 per person, which includes a continental breakfast, lunch and closing networking reception.

“If you’re involved either directly or indirectly in the mosquito market, the M.I.S.T. Conference is a cost-effective way to learn about key trends and new technology in this rapidly expanding field,” Morris added. For more information about the conference, registration or to reserve a tabletop, visit www.mistconference.com, e-mail conference@gie.net or call 800.456.0707.
Dates/Locations Houston February 7, 2012 Marriott Houston West Loop by the Galleria 1750 West Loop South Houston, TX 77027
Atlanta February 21, 2012 – Atlanta Atlanta Marriott Century City 2000 Century Boulevard NE Atlanta, GA 30345
To reserve your room at either event, call 800/228-9290 and ask for the M.I.S.T. Conference group rate.

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Well, during the winter months I keep busy here at the DC Mosquito Squad offices by preparing training, upgrading systems and of course doing google searches for Mosquito Squad.  So tonight I came accross this  article in Small Business Trends As always if your interested in purchasing a franchise give me a call a the DC Mosquito Squad office and I would be happy to help.

Mosquito Squad Continues Rapid Expansion With Over A Dozen New Franchise Agreements

Press Release December 1, 2011

RICHMOND, Va. (Press Release – October 21, 2011) – Outdoor Living Brands’ Mosquito Squad continues its expansion with the signing of more than a dozen new franchise agreements since September 1, 2011, including its first in the north central United States. The announcement was made by Chris Grandpre, chairman and CEO of Outdoor Living Brands, parent company and franchisor of Mosquito Squad.

Mosquito Squad specializes in eliminating mosquitoes and ticks from outdoor living spaces so that Americans can enjoy their yards, business spaces and outdoor events. Recognized as one of the 15h fastest growing franchise concepts in 2011 by INC. Magazine, Mosquito Squad has grown from 15 locations to more than 75. Mosquito Squad also has received accolades as a superior franchise organization by several industry organizations. For the 2012 season, new franchise locations will open in:

• Illinois

• Michigan

• South Dakota

• New Jersey

• Virginia

• Massachusetts

• New Hampshire

Mosquito Squad is a proven concept with strong support from a dedicated operations and marketing team,” Grandpre said. “We expect to start the 2012 season with a significant number of new franchisees in key strategic locations across the country. Our team continues to work toward our of having over 100 locations prior to the start of the 2012 season, which is a fantastic increase over the 17 locations that were part of the business when we acquired it less than three years ago.”

About Mosquito Squad

With more than 70 franchise locations nationwide, Mosquito Squad specializes in eliminating mosquitoes and ticks from outdoor living spaces, allowing Americans to enjoy yards, special events and green spaces. Mosquito Squad, an Outdoor Living Brands company, was certified as a World Class Franchise by the Franchise Research Institute in 2010 and 2011 and was rated one of the Top 50 Franchises by Franchise Business Review, receiving their 2011 and 2010 Franchisee Satisfaction Award. For more information, visit http://www.MosquitoSquad.com and http://www.OutdoorLivingBrands.com.

Company: Mosquito Squad
Company URL: http://www.mosquitosquad.com/

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By: Damien Sanchez

For all our DC customers, Council Woman  Muriel Bowser of Ward 4 proposed legislation last month “To amend the Vector-Borne Infectious Diseases Control Act of 2004 to require that the Mayor create a ward-based mosquito abatement plan to prevent and abate the infestation of mosquitoes in the District of Columbia.  (dccouncil.washington.dc.us)”  We here at Mosquito Squad are always excited to proactive legislation to deal with the nuisance and vector problem associated with mosquitoes.  So we will definetly be following this legislation as it moves through the city counsel and thank you to Council Woman Bowser for being proactive in representing the citizens of her ward.



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By: Damien Sanchez

A Mosquito control District in South Florida is set to release 5000 to 10000 male Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, also known as yellow fever mosquitoes. The mosquitoes are being supplied by the British company Oxitec specializing in controlling insects that cause disease and damage crops. The plan is to release genetically engineered male mosquitoes into the local Andes aegypti population causing future offspring to die before maturing into adults and becoming yellow fever vectors.
Potentially this could save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars a year depending on how successful the operation is. According to the New York Times, there have been a few prior releases over the past couple of years that were reported as a success, in Malaysia Brazil and the Cayman Islands. Now there is controversy over the release of genetically engineered organisms into the environment, espessialy with little public input or warning.
Although these test will be open air please note Andes aegypti are not naturally occurring in this part of the world, they are native to Africa and only arrived to the new world during the period of colonization, they are therefore an invasive specie of serious public health concern and need to be dealt with. But even so, as this technology improves and it’s use increases, concern is justified.

Having spent the last few hours reading about Genetically Engineered mosquitoes it seems on the surface to be a safe trial in that they are designed to die quickly cannot reproduce past one generation. The same argument for their use can be made with a number of other creatures and plants that may have a greater potential impact on the environment due to unintended consequences so monitoring is essential. I will be following the news on the release and have a follow up post later in the summer on the results.


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