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Many different species of aphids can feed off of plants in your garden. Crape Myrtle aphids, in particular, can quickly grow to damaging numbers causing problems for what is a generally low-maintenance plant. While feeding, the aphid injects saliva into the plant, which causes pale yellow spots to form on the leaves, and also excretes a sweet “honeydew” substance onto the leaves. This sticky “honeydew” creates an ideal environment for sooty mold (a black fungus) spores to form. Black sooty mold often coats the plant’s leaves, creating an eyesore and interfering with photosynthesis.

There are a few methods of controlling Crape Myrtle aphids:

  1. Use natural predators of the aphid, such as: ladybugs, lacewings, finches, mockingbirds, and woodpeckers (Engler).
  2. Wash off the plant using a high pressure stream of water. This can help to remove aphids, but it needs to be repeated regularly to gain control over them.
  3. Use particular chemicals and insecticides to control Crape Myrtle aphids. Some examples of these include: Permethrin and other Pyrethroids, Insecticidal Soaps, Horticultural Oil, Neem Oil, Malathion, and Acephate (Doubrava).

Our insect control team here at Mosquito Squad of Greater Washington DC hopes that this information helps you with any aphid infestation that your Crape Myrtles may have. Our company is proud to offer a variety of outdoor pest control services, including aphid control which we’ve seen as in issue here in sections of Northern Virginia, DC and parts of Maryland. If you have Crape Myrtles that are suffering here in the Greater Washington DC region, please feel free to e-mail us, give us a call at 571-830-8002, or contact your nearest horticulturist for more information on aphid control.


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