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Merry Christmas!

We hope that this Christmas season has been the brightest and best for you and yours.  We’re wishing you a Christmas full of cheer, joy, lights, happinees, cookies, friends and family, and all of the things that make this season so wonderful!

Merry Christmas to you and yours from all of us here at


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By: Damien Sanchez

Well, it has been a while since my last post, I hope everyone enjoyed the article By Jura Koncius of the Washington post, we were certainly excited to have had the opportunity to be interviewed.  I would like to thank Holly Hartel and her  family for graciously making time for the interview, Holly and the girls did a great job and if you missed the article click on the link above!

We had a great year for 2009, Jennifer, my office manager came on in June and is hard at work everyday.  It’s amazing how much time a business can consume, but she does a great job and I am blessed to have her on board! She will be starting to contribute posts hopefully this week, so I hope you all enjoy them!  Mosquito Squad as a Franchise had a banner year for 2009.  OLB sold 20 new franchises, 4 of them in the capital region, so for those of you near Fredricksburg, Annapolis, or Fredrick and East Montgomery County,  you will now have a local franchise to better serve you.

This year was a great year, I had the oportunity to meet so many new customers and vendors.  We were blessed with the opportunity to donate to the Junior League of Washington’s annual fundraiser.  Great organization, I would encourage anyone interested in volunteering to do so; teaching literacy is very important check out the link above and get involved.  Well that is the short and sweet year in review.

Now on to the purpose of this post, earlier this year I  intended to write a post about my “brush with death” (OK, this is some what of an exaggeration, but I was really really sick) on the W&OD trail.  On a Friday evening I was out on the trail when I passed  through some tall grass on my way home.

As I passed through the tall grass I did think about ticks, especially since I am in the tick  control business.  I did my typical quick tick check and showered once I was home.  Saturday I felt fine all day; I did my typical morning routine and we had a fun day hanging out with the family and going to Costco.  Sunday morning, however, I woke up with an itchy and scratchy throat.  When I went to shower I noticed a small black pimple on my waist (0r what I thought was a pimple) I started to scratch at it and I pulled it a little and noticed this tiny pimple was flat and black.  Then I realized it was a tick!

I proceeded to remove the tick, see my post on protecting yourself from tick bites, using my fingers (I didn’t read my own post, you should always use tweezers so you can reach as close to the base of the head as possible) and pulled the tick out.  Thankfully I made sure I had gotten the head out .  I then placed it in a zip lock bag, sealed it, put it in a second zip lock bag and then placed it in the freezer.  I saved the tick because I wanted to send it off to a lab for examination.

I didn’t have a bullseye rash yet but I did monitor it for several days.  Through out Sunday my condition worsened, I thought for sure I had Lyme disease!  I scheduled an appointment with my doctor and looked for information on where I could send the tick for testing.

With a little research online I found a company called Clongen Labratories located in Germantown MD, I contacted them and for under $200  I sent my tick in and they tested it for 4 common bacteria that ticks carry, including Lyme.  I received results in less than a week.  Thankfully the results came back negative, but as a precaution I had gotten a prescription for some strong antibiotics in case the results came back positive, needless to say I didn’t need to take them.  So it turns out all I had was a bad case of the flu for about a week.

I wanted to share this story because I have a long historyof dealing with ticks (see my post on Lyme Disease).  Having dealt with ticks for some time, I am more aware than most of the potential for infection by a tick bite.  I routinely do a self check for ticks after I have been to untreated properties or out on the W&OD trail, but even I missed a tick after 2 showers, 48 hours and an inspection.  This tick was on my bare skin too along my waistband and I still didn’t catch it for 2 days.  These ticks are incredibly smalland easy to miss.  Thankfully I didn’t get  it this time, but I will be checking a lot better now, so should you.

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Outdoor Living Brands, the preeminent leader in branded franchise offerings in the outdoor living category, has added Mosquito Squad® to its portfolio of respected brands.

Richmond, Va. (PRWEB) Feb. 26, 2009 — Outdoor Living Brands, the preeminent leader in branded franchise offerings in the outdoor living category, has added Mosquito Squad® to its portfolio of respected brands. The acquisition extends the company’s range of franchise offerings dedicated to the enjoyment of outdoor living, which currently includes Archadeck and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

“Mosquito Squad is a natural fit for the Outdoor Living Brands family of franchise companies,” said Christopher Grandpre, president and chief executive officer of Outdoor Living Brands. “This unique brand is positioned for immediate strong growth. We anticipate great demand for franchise territories in advance of the upcoming mosquito season.”

Mosquito Squad enables homeowners to make their outdoor living areas more comfortable by providing a mosquito and insect-free environment for the entire family, including pets. Mosquitoes can limit the time people are able to spend outdoors and can pose a threat to public health through the spreading of diseases such as West Nile virus, encephalitis, Dengue fever and even heartworm in pets.

To dramatically reduce mosquitoes and other outdoor pests, Mosquito Squad offers three proven options. The first and most popular is the Barrier Spray service. This involves a Mosquito Squad professional visiting the client’s home to apply a treatment to the designated outdoor living area approximately every 21 days. Another popular solution is the permanently installed automatic misting system that uses the EPA-registered insecticide pyrethrum, which is derived from dried chrysanthemums. Lastly, Mosquito Squad offers one-time event spraying for special outdoor occasions such as weddings, family reunions and outdoor parties.

“Mosquito Squad prevents homeowners from retreating indoors during the height of mosquito season, allowing them to fully enjoy their time outdoors from dawn to dusk,” Grandpre said. “The variety of outdoor pest management solutions available allows Mosquito Squad franchisees to offer customized solutions to meet their clients’ needs and grow their businesses while doing so.”

Mosquito Squad currently operates franchises in eight states, including Minnesota, Illinois, Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. The Mosquito Squad franchise is available for a nominal initial franchise fee which includes a geographic protected area. The Outdoor Living Brands support staff provides assistance to Mosquito Squad franchisees, including initial training, marketing and lead generation tactics, sales support, and ongoing operational and technical support.

The Mosquito Squad franchise offers residual income growth each year with ongoing barrier sprays and refills of the automatic misting systems. Once a client base is established, business growth is likely through regular service, delivery and maintenance. The franchise has a rapid start-up process, with many franchisees beginning business operations within 30 days of signing on.

“With the mosquito season right around the corner, this is an ideal time for new clients to take notice of how Mosquito Squad’s service offering will help them to increase their enjoyment of outdoor living. It is also an ideal time for potential franchisees to explore our brand and its tremendous growth opportunities,” Grandpre said. “Those who are interested should contact our corporate office for more information.”

Outdoor Living Brands is a franchise organization offering branded franchise opportunities within the outdoor living category. Comprised of category-leading brands Archadeck, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and Mosquito Squad, the company operates through more than 150 franchise locations worldwide with a dedication to innovation, the highest quality standards, customized service and gracious outdoor living. Franchise information is available by calling 1-800-722-4668 and asking for Franchise Recruitment or visiting www.OutdoorLivingBrands.com. Additional information regarding Mosquito Squad is available online at www.MosquitoSquad.com.

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